Jon R. Schindel Member

PHONE: (952) 358-7406

Speaks Malagasy & Legalese

Seven-time Minnesota Super Lawyer Jon Schindel knows how to communicate on many levels. His depth of understanding in the world of business law and estate planning is unrivaled but that’s not what makes Jon Jon. Early on, prior to several years in technology sales and graduating from William Mitchell, Jon spent two years teaching English on the island nation of Madagascar after attending St. Olaf College.

In approaching projects Jon would say his job is not to show some other attorney how smart he is by redlining a document to death; he would say he is there to get the deal done and protect his clients, which is what they hire him for. 

Jon’s practice focuses on owners of small to mid-sized business and their unique legal needs. A great deal of his work involves assisting his clients with the purchase and sale of businesses and commercial property. He also helps his family-owned business clients to vision, develop and implement generational succession plans. Jon is also there to help his corporate clients on issues involving governance, buy-sell agreements, and the drafting and review of contracts.  

Like his business clients, Jon has a “let’s try that” attitude that has made him a go-to choice for business owners.



To be uncompromising in the areas that matter.
Success is earned through diligence, treating others with respect and busting one’s ass.


To think critically, participate fully, display creativity and do whatever it takes.


To prove by actions that you are trustworthy and accountable.


To see the value of interaction and collaboration. To simply not be a jerk.


To be unsatisfied with the stock answer or good-enough solution. To seek out new thinking and perspectives.