Arlo Allen-DiPasquale Attorney

PHONE: 952-358-7402

Arlo is an associate attorney at Schindel Segal Mendoza working primarily in the area of corporate/business law. As the child of small business owners, Arlo learned from a young age the importance of trust, integrity, and communication. As he moved from college, to law school, to the practice of law, Arlo has always strived to incorporate those lessons into his work, and the practice of law.

Arlo earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University, and Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School.

When Arlo isn’t practicing law, his hobbies include travelling, gardening, photography, beer brewing, model plane building, and cheering on the Buffalo Bills with his wife Lizzy, and cats Peaches and Mia.



To be uncompromising in the areas that matter.
Success is earned through diligence, treating others with respect and busting one’s ass.


To think critically, participate fully, display creativity and do whatever it takes.


To prove by actions that you are trustworthy and accountable.


To see the value of interaction and collaboration. To simply not be a jerk.


To be unsatisfied with the stock answer or good-enough solution. To seek out new thinking and perspectives.