Anthony Mendoza Member

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CyberLawyer. Rock and Roll Warrior.

A true Gen-X’er, Tony Mendoza began practicing communications law just before the internet began changing everything.  And since that technological revolution, Tony has been involved every step of the way—assisting clients along the never-ending road of regulatory and policy issues, transactional work, and litigation.  From rural broadband deployment to data privacy to net neutrality to cybersecurity – there are very few issues Tony has not handled.  And having represented clients for nearly 30 years as an internet and communications lawyer, Tony’s clients know he is never afraid to walk down a new road to tackle the next “issue of the day.”

About the only thing Tony has done longer than internet and communications law is perform music.  Since his days as a McDonald’s All-American saxophone player and self-taught bass guitar player, Tony has been a member of bands that toured professionally throughout the Upper Midwest and recorded and released two albums in the 1990s. Tony continues to perform around the Twin Cities club scene with his band, The Long Goodbyes.  Having more than paid his dues in the music industry, Tony has incorporated his experience into his law practice – representing arts and entertainment clients on business, copyright, trademark, and litigation matters.




To be uncompromising in the areas that matter.
Success is earned through diligence, treating others with respect and busting one’s ass.


To think critically, participate fully, display creativity and do whatever it takes.


To prove by actions that you are trustworthy and accountable.


To see the value of interaction and collaboration. To simply not be a jerk.


To be unsatisfied with the stock answer or good-enough solution. To seek out new thinking and perspectives.